Our staff are our most valuable resource, and the feedback we receive from our clients confirms that. We work hard to avoid using agency staff. In some cases we provide staff to other organisations to provide services on their behalf. Most of our staff are permanent employees of ECHO.

All ECHO people have qualifications relevant to the type of work they do. For example, all staff providing personal care have a minimum of Cert III in Aged Care or Individualised Care and often have further qualifications.

Wherever possible, we try to create small clusters or ‘families’ of clients and workers together. This means our staff know our clients and our clients know our staff. If one staff member is on leave, there’s another one who can step in, who is known to the client. This works for everyone and benefits everyone. No one is a number. We are just people helping other people in a way which is supportive and respectful.

We match our care workers with our clients, something which has worked well. However, if for some reason, it is not a good match then the client has the right to ask for a different person coming into their home to provide them with assistance. Such requests are rare but are always actioned to the satisfaction of the client. If you want someone new we will find someone for you.

Our team is also very diverse. We have around 25 people in our office and last time we checked we have around 16 different nationalities represented. This means we appreciate the needs of different cultures and ECHO people speak a lot of different languages.

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