Domestic assistance

At ECHO, we have a wellness approach to our services, understanding that it’s healthy and fulfilling to stay active and maintain your independence. So, we work alongside our client, helping with the bigger, more difficult cleaning tasks, while empowering the client to continue doing the tasks they can manage. Our domestic assistance could include:

  • Laundry
    (The client may put the washing in the machine while the support worker does the difficult task of hanging it out. The client may sit down and fold the washing.)
  • Bathroom
    (The client may wipe down the bench tops and hand basin, while the support worker cleans the shower and bath.)
  • Dishes
    (The client might wash, while the support worker dries and puts away.)
  • Floors
    (The support worker could vacuum carpets and wash and dry hard floors.)
  • Dusting
    (The client may dust at a height they can reach without overextending, and the support worker handles everything higher.)

Our services are provided by trained, supportive staff who follow a Care Plan that has been developed in consultation with the client and/or their carer.

What people say about ECHO

‘I would like to thank the staff of ECHO for the patience shown to me this past week. It has been hard for me to let go of more of my independence, but thanks to ECHO (the family I don’t have) and the lovely girls who provide my service I feel more relaxed and happy than I have for a long time.’