Domestic Assistance

ECHO Community Services has a WELLNESS approach in providing all services, including  Domestic Assistance. This approach means that we work alongside the client, assisting with the bigger, more difficult, cleaning tasks that a client can no longer do.  This enables the client to continue doing the tasks they can manage and promotes the client’s independence and well-being.  The support worker will work alongside the client to achieve positive outcomes.   Some examples of domestic assistance are:

  • Vacuuming
  • Laundry – client to put the washing in the machine. The difficult task would be hanging out the washing and the support worker will do this.
  • The client can sit on a chair and fold washing
  • Bathroom – client to wipe down bench tops and hand basin, support worker to do the shower and bath
  • Dishes – client to wash, support worker to dry and put away
  • Support work to wash and dry floors
  • Client to dust at a height they can reach without over extending

Our services are provided by trained, supportive staff who follow a Care Plan that has been developed in consultation with the client and or their carer and they work alongside the client to help to maintain their  independence.

Eligibility for Home and Community Care Services in WA is determined by the Regional Assessment Service (RAS). Home Care Package Holders can opt for this service as part of the package. Please see “Navigating the Home Care Maze” for further information.