The Sunshine Club

ECHO Community Services offers a Dementia Specific Day Center program called our “Sunshine Club” and is based on the “Spark of Life” philosophy.

Spark of Life is not a cure, but a gentle, practical and celebratory approach to human relationships and communication, dedicated to uplifting the spirit of people with dementia. It is a philosophy that offers a systematic, practical approach to dementia care that lifts the spirit, awakens dormant abilities and heals relationships broken through dementia.

ECHO has a person-centered approach to dementia. Our clients with dementia have often lost their sense of belonging. Their uniqueness and individuality may be overlooked and they have become powerless – just ‘one of the dementia’s’ disappearing into an anonymous role.  Our staff and volunteers who oversee the development and running of the Sunshine Club have all been trained in the “Spark of Life” philosophy, which is a program developed in Australia and is recognised all over the world.  The service is provided in a caring, loving and safe environment, where everyone has a voice and everyone is valued.

The Sunshine Club is held on Monday, Thursday and Friday from 9.30am to 1.30pm. The program is developed around a sense of belonging. Our activities are always meaningful and designed to “spark” memories that may have laid dormant for many years, and on most occasions ignites conversation that everyone becomes involved with.

The Sunshine Club was the featured in a story in the West Australian. If you’d like to read the article, you can download it here.


Eligibility for Home and Community Care Services in WA is determined by the Regional Assessment Service (RAS). Home Care Package Holders can opt for this service as part of the package. Please see “Navigating the Home Care Maze” for further information.