Thank you, Gillian Hull – Volunteer and Board Member

At ECHO’s AGM on October 26, Gillian Hull retired as a member of ECHO’s Board.

A qualified nurse with over 30 years’ experience in aged care, who during her career set up and managed a 100-bed residential care facility, Gillian was originally elected to the Board in October 2020. In her time as a Board member, Gillian served as Secretary of the Board.

Gillian was also very active as a volunteer in ECHO’s operations area and her skills and input were also highly appreciated in this endeavour.

A quiet achiever, Gillian made a substantial and valued contribution to ECHO and thereby to the wellbeing of our in-home aged care recipients.

The Board and management of ECHO wish Gillian every happiness and fulfilment in her retirement and thank her for a great contribution to the community.

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