Mandatory vaccination for home care workers

On 20 October the WA Government announced a new policy making vaccination mandatory for the majority of occupations.

On the face of it, the announcement seems to indicate ECHO’s home care workers are included in Group 1, as “Residential and non-residential community care services.”

This means we are currently working on the understanding all ECHO staff must have their first dose by 1 December and be fully vaccinated by 31 December.

ECHO understands there may have been some communication from the WA Health Department to indicate home care workers in aged care might not be in Group 1. We are currently seeking clarification. However, in the meantime, we are working on the assumption our staff are included in Group 1 and we have been advising them to make sure they are fully vaccinated by 31 December.

If you require any more info about where and how to receive your own vaccination, please visit or speak to your Client Advisor.

For more info on the Government’s policy, please see:

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