The Care Plan is basically the agreement between the package holder and the agency holding the funds on what and how goods and services are to be delivered. This applies equally to services provided under the Home and Community Care (HACC) program and services received under a Home Care Package. The difference is that the types of services received under HACC is determined by the Regional Assessment Service (RAS). Under a Consumer Directed Care model, the package holder determines what these should be within the limits of the budget.

If the service is a regular one e.g. each week or fortnight, the package holder can determine on what day and at what time the service should be delivered. In fairness, these has to be an element of give and take in the negotiations as neither the package holder nor the agency has unlimited resources. As long as both parties recognise this and act in good faith then an agreement can be reached. The package holder has to be happy with the person who comes to their home and have the option of changing the worker in the event of a problem. At ECHO this is a given.