You may be confused about how to go about accessing home care services. If so, you are not alone.

At the moment, home care services are provided through three different programs.

  • People under 65 with a disability are able to access the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)
  • People over 65 (or Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people over 50) can access:
    • Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP)
    • Home Care Packages (NCP).

Further information regarding these programs are outlined below:

  • National Disability Insurance Scheme

    The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is an Australian Government funded program to provide supports and service to an estimated 500,000 Australians living with a permanent and significant disability. NDIS is intended to help people in their daily lives and help them participate in the community to reach their goals.

  • Commonwealth Home Support Programme

    The Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) is one of the changes made by the Australian Government to the aged care system to help older people stay independent and in their homes and communities longer. CHSP provides entry-level home support for frail older people who need assistance to keep living independently.

  • Home Care Packages

    The Home Care Packages Program provides older people who want to stay at home with access to a range of ongoing personal services, support services and clinical care that help them with their day-to-day activities. The program is part of the Australian Government’s continuum of care for older people in Australia, providing services between the Commonwealth Home Support Programme & residential care.

If you require assistance accessing more services please don’t hesitate to call the office & one of our Client Advisors will gladly help. For further information on accessing either of the above programs please visit:

  • NDIS website or call the NDIS helpline on 1800 800 110
  • My Aged Care or call the My Aged Care helpline on 1800 200 422.