Home Care Packages

ECHO Community Services has been operating under a consumer-directed care (CDC) model of service since 2014. We provide all levels of Home Care Packages, from entry level 1 to the highest level 4 care. For a brief overview of CDC, please go here. For an overview of Home Care Packages, please go here.

With consumer-directed care you will be allocated a budget to ‘buy’ services best suited to your needs to enable you to continue to live independently, with support, for as long as possible. ECHO will provide a case manager to assist you in coordinating the services you need and manage your budget. A statement will be sent each month to keep you informed of exactly what funds you have available and how much you can spend.

An important part of CDC is building on what you CAN do rather than focusing on what you CAN’T. Even if you have health issues, the right sort of assistance can help you feel healthier and help you to get back to doing more things for yourself. It is about assisting you to maintain your independence.

You can speak to a Case Manager at ECHO who will help guide you through the process of the CDC packages.

There is a new Charter of Care Recipients’ Rights and Responsibilities – Home Care which came into effect from 1 July 2019. You can download the charter here. For more information about the charter, click here.

Please see ‘Navigating the Home Care Maze‘ for further information on Home Care Services.

As part of the Commonwealth Government’s quality assurance, ECHO Community Services complies with the Aged Care Quality Standards and is regularly audited by the Australian Government’s Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission.

We have produced a little booklet which explains the process of getting a Home Care Package. You can download a copy here. We hope that you will find it useful.

The Commonwealth has just released data on the take up of Home Care Packages. You can download a copy here. It might be interesting reading for some.