These are extracts from unsolicited letters we have received from clients and their families.

Yvonne – Embleton

I just had to write and tell you all how impressed I am with the wonderful consideration you give to the monthly activities.  It makes growing old a real pleasure …

June – Doubleview

I was extremely happy with my Support Worker who did my cleaning on Monday. My first experience of having my house cleaned, she is a delightful girl.  My two ECHO angels who do my gardening are such a great help to me …………

Helen – Bayswater

I would like to thank ECHO for giving me the opportunity to have computer lessons. The volunteer is a very good teacher and quite the personality …..

Grace and Rose (family members)

We would dearly like to thank you sincerely from the bottom of our hearts for caring for our mother. It brings comfort to know that every Wednesday mum would have a friendly visit from your support worker. Listening to you talk about our mum so sweetly brings us so much comfort ….

Sabrina – Bedford

Thank you for your kindness and help that you have given me.  It will always be remembered ….

Beverly- Morley

Congratulations on your award – no doubt you will keep up the good work. Thank you so much for helping me …


Thank you so very much for your help and above all support.  If your CEO had not put me in in touch with you I do not know what would have happened.  I believe I had been guided into a path of “self destruction”  …

Walters Family

Thank you sincerely for all the support you provided dad over the years. He appreciated all of your assistance and your friendly service …

Jackie – Bayswater

I would like to extend to the staff of ECHO my gratitude for the patience shown to me this past week.  It has been hard for me to let go of more of my independence, but thanks to ECHO (the family I don’t have) and the lovely girls who provide my service I feel more relaxed and happy than I have for a long time ….