Ms Christine Goodall

I was born at Croydon London, then moved to the village of Belmont, Sutton, Surrey UK. When my father came home from the war to a brand new house that came in kit form from Canada we were really up market.  I was the eldest of three, our father died when I was 13, my main interest at the time was girl guiding, Dad had been in scouting and was in the 1st Middle East Forces Rover Crew, 2nd Alexander.  It was hard on Mum, she had a business to run plus my father’s workshop, but she kept us all together, shoed and fed. Pitman College for a year was not for me and I left school and home at sixteen.  We had only two bedrooms with the 3 of us in one, until I stared nursing training  [lived in] at Epsom District Hospital. When I finished training, I went to work for the Blood Transfusion Service South East England mobile unit as a phlebotomist

While training I still had an interest in guiding and was able to travel with the movement.   I met my now husband [of 50ys] on a Ranger, Rover activity [met in the pub then hiked for 20ks].   We married in in 1966, and immigrated to Australia.  Paul had a job to come to, so we thought we would give it a go, It took us 19 years before we returned to the UK for a holiday. We have never looked back, would not live anywhere else, and have made lifelong friends to this day.

In Dec 1966 I started at the Red Cross Blood Service until 2000, working my way thru the ranks as a  phlebotomist,  and retired as mobiles coordinator . Though working for 34 years I still kept up my guiding as Captain, Ranger leader and District Commissioner. Then our two sons came along in quick secession.  I continued  working part time [no maternity leave in those days]. As they grew older, I  became involved in  P&C,  Scouting,  Baseball & Sailing  [as a committee member] plus I gained an International cooking  certificate at Perth Tafe and ended up teaching night classes for a couple of terms at Balga Tafe.

2000 saw me retired from RCBS as I had developed a few heath problems.  I Started at ECHO as part time carer for four years, then as a volunteer and board member, which I really enjoy.

Life has been very good to us, boating, caravanning, travelling overseas, and around this great state and now vineyard & farm sitting.  I have a very patient husband who also is a volunteer for ECHO, two great sons, seven wonderful grandchildren and many good friends