Introducing Ms Kathleen Howell

I was born in the industrial city of Salford, Lancashire in N W England, living there until 1939 when with most of my school companions I was evacuated to Blackpool, a nearby ‘safe’’ seaside town, away from the large engineering firms which contributed to the war effort. There my schooling was limited to half days as two schools shared one building, attending school mornings one week and afternoons next week.

In 1947 I commenced my General Nursing Training at the a local municipal hospital graduating in1951, having had to wait until I was 21 to sit my final exams.

Getting married in 1951, I had six children and lived a somewhat nomadic life, traveling with my husband and family to the many engineering projects in which he was engaged.

I lived in South Africa, Australia (5 times) Scotland and various locations in England, usually staying for about two years, the average life of a project. In 1976 I returned to study to convert my hospital training to degree status.

In 1981 we came out to Western Australia. I retired from full time employment in 1997 and continued as a consultant until 2007. I joined ECHO in 1997, initially joining the craft group, then social support home visiting and shopping for clients.

I am  keenly interested in the future of ECHO and the continued care and support of volunteers.